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Exclusive, Live Transfer Leads Sent Directly to Your Sales Team

Lead generation, verification, and live transfer experts that can help any business in any vertical find eligible and verified prospects.

At Elevated Perspective Marketing, we target, capture, and match prospects to your custom lead qualifications, and then we send them directly and exclusively to your sales team to close the deal.

Whether we’re sending verified live transfer leads directly to a sales agent, confirming a hot new lead through email, or uploading a fresh lead in real time to a client’s CRM, Elevated Perspective Marketing is always focused on giving our partners the competitive advantage of being the first and only company to speak with a qualified prospect.

Marketing partners demand a lot from lead generation companies today, but EPM lives up to this challenge every day by staying dedicated to client goals and employing strategies that maximize cost-efficiency and conversions.

We turn prospects into leads!

Live Transfers

After verifying prospects on the phone, we conference them directly to your sales agent or sales team. Mortgage leads, solar leads, and tax settlement leads are just a few of the lead types we offer that produce the highest conversion rates in the industry. Learn more about how Live Lead Transfers work.

Exclusive Leads

No matter what type of leads you need or what vertical you’re in, you can count on us to send you 100% exclusive and quality prospects based on specific criteria.

Experienced Telesales Agents

We have a U.S.-based call center staffed by 100% American English speaking and multi-lingual telesales agents that handle a huge daily volume of outbound calls. They’re highly trained to contact, qualify, and transfer leads based on your needs.

Additional Capabilities

For all lead types, we provide complimentary sales training (optional), full CRM integration, and much more!

live transfer leads


You provide us with the lead qualifications that define your ideal prospect.



We upload to a CRM, confirm via email, or conference the lead directly over the phone — whichever method of connecting with prospects works best for you.



We provide individualized scripting, customer call recording, local caller-ID — whatever it takes to boost your conversion rates.

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Why Elevated Perspective Marketing?

Our reputation for full integrity and quick and efficient services has earned us a long list of loyal clients who trust us for lead generation as well as a full data and support package. Elevated Perspective Marketing is more than just a lead generation expert, we are a strategic partner in the growth of your company.

We provide full support and scripting for receiving inbound transfers. All we need from you is a conference number and posting instructions.

If you call right now, we can start sending fresh, warm, live transfer leads to you within 36 hours!

We help your business find eligible and verified prospects.

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