Debt settlement companies often find themselves staring down the barrel at rapidly approaching deadlines for sales quotas. Month after month and year after year, you need to keep selling and growing your business.

Maybe you’ve developed some stress relief tactics over the years to help cope. Some like to play 18 holes on a quiet, pristine golf course. Some like to take their car out for a high speed run down a country road.

You might be able to overcome the stress for a few minutes here and there, but inevitably you’re going to have to deliver results. What’s the best way to get in under the deadline and beat a fast-approaching sales quota?

You can turn to one of the handful of methods that have proven to generate debt relief leads quickly.

How to Generate Debt Relief Leads Faster Than You Ever Have Before

1. Facebook

As the king of all social networks, Facebook offers tremendous lead generation potential for debt relief companies. There are free and paid methods of uncovering potential leads.

One of the most effective no-cost ways to uncover warm leads on Facebook is to look for Groups related to debt issues.

  • Start by going to and searching for “debt” in the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down until you see results for Groups related to the keyword “debt,” then click on “see all.”
  • Look for Groups with lots of members. The more active the Group is, the more potential leads you can find.
  • The FREE Credit Repair and Debt Settlement Information Group has over 5,000 members.

    Ditch Your Debt is another Group with more than 3,700 members.

    Nothing is stopping you from joining and participating in these groups. Here’s the catch: you can’t just come in and start selling people on your services. You’ll be ignored, or, even worse, you might be booted out.

    But if you come in with the intention of answering peoples’ questions and directing them to helpful resources (especially to resources on your own website or social profiles), then you can definitely start generating quality leads from a Facebook Group.

    2. Referrals

    Selling to a cold prospect can be challenging. If they’ve never heard of you or your company before — even if you have a strong pitch — the majority of leads you deal with are going to ultimately going to drift away and never become a customer.

    Selling gets much easier when you’re dealing with a prospect who got in touch with you following a referral from a friend or family member. Considering how powerful referrals can be, it’s amazing how few debt relief companies actually ask for them.

    If you have a list of email addresses from previous and current customers, this could be a great time to send out an email blast asking those people for referrals. If you feel like you have a really happy customer base, you might not even have to offer anything in exchange for the referral. Others have found success offering things like gift cards, discounts, and giveaways in exchange for a referral.

    Buy Debt Leads

    Mining Facebook Groups and generating referrals through an email campaign are both fantastic ways to generate leads quickly. Unfortunately, they aren’t a viable solution for everybody.

    Maybe you don’t have a big list of emails from past customers. Maybe you don’t have time to start building a presence in Facebook Groups. You’re not alone.

    The good news is that there’s a fast lead generation solution for any debt settlement business: buying leads.

    You can outsource the headache of lead generation. Elevated Perspective Marketing is a debt lead seller offering guaranteed debt settlement leads.

    When you purchase leads from us, you get results or you get your money back. We specialize in live transfer debt settlement leads that we transfer directly to your sales team in real-time right after they have verified their interest in the services you offer.

    Getting started is super easy. We often get debt relief companies up and running with new leads within 36 hours.

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