With the calendar year ending and a new one about to begin, this is the time to assess your mortgage lead generation success in 2018 and start making plans on how to get even better in 2019. Stop worrying about how you’ll generate more leads for loan officers in 2019, Elevated Perspective Marketing has you covered.

Here are four ways you can earn more leads for your loan officers and close more loans in the year ahead.

Clean Up Your Database

Has it been months or years since you cleaned your prospect database? That’s a surefire way to undermine the success of email and social media campaigns. If it’s been awhile since you actively tidied it up, your list is probably going to be unorganized and filled with inaccurate, out-of-date data. Take time now to get things in order.

If your list is simply too far gone, it might be time to talk to Elevated Perspective Marketing. Our enormous and constantly expanding database of mortgage consumers is always at the disposal of our partners. Tapping into our resources can be a huge boost to your business in 2017.

Invest More in Social Media

Making an impact with social media is not as easy as it used to be. In the past, you could simply post your blog articles directly to social media platforms and sit back and slowly watch your audience grow. It was easy to build up significant organic reach on Facebook and other platforms.

To make a big impact with social media marketing today, you have to pay for it. Social ads and promoted posts are now the most reliable and effective way to expand your reach on major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The main advantage of social advertising is that it can be highly targeted.

Good Old-Fashioned Networking

Whether it’s in person at local events or through the medium of the internet on your social media profiles, networking with people is always going to be one of the best ways to connect with potential customers and strategic business partners. Make it a point to attend more industry or charity events in person, and to do more online networking in 2019.

Consider Buying Qualified Mortgage Leads

When you want a guaranteed method of getting more leads for loan officers, nothing beats buying hot, qualified leads from a seasoned lead generator. There’s no better way to improve the efficiency and closing power of your loan officers than to open a steady stream of expertly qualified leads.

At Elevated Perspective Marketing, we live transfer leads that have been put through a strict verification process directly to our partners via phone call. If you’re ready to get started getting more leads for loan officers, all we need is posting instructions and a conference number.

Let’s Talk About Getting More Leads for Loan Officers

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