Mortgage Leads Direct is one of the biggest lead generation companies serving the mortgage industry.

They made a name for themselves by being one of the first lead providers to offer the “cherry pick” method of lead selection. “Cherry picking” means the buyer has the opportunity to review a list of leads and select only the individual contacts that he or she wants to purchase.

By offering the flexibility of cherry picked leads and selling buyers on the idea that their leads are cheaper than the competition, Mortgage Leads Direct has carved out a big slice of the mortgage lead generation market.

In this Mortgage Leads Direct review, we’ll compare what MLD offers to what Elevated Perspective Marketing offers to see which option is better for the mortgage professional interested in purchasing leads online.

Our Mortgage Leads Direct Review

On their website, Mortgage Leads Direct lists the top reasons why a mortgage broker, lender, or loan officer interested in purchasing leads should buy from them. These include:

  • Internet mortgage leads available at up to 30-80% discount from retail price
  • Cherry pick from our targeted, high quality leads 24/7
  • Get consistent lead volume and quality

Above all, Mortgage Leads Direct says that the No. 1 reason why mortgage professionals choose them for lead gen is that they offer “no minimums, no contracts, no obligations.

Everything sounds great, but there’s one ENORMOUS catch. Can you spot it?

With the hand picked leads, 24/7 access, no contract approach, etc., it almost sounds like MLD is giving the mortgage professional everything they could ask for in a lead provider. The reality is they aren’t offering the only thing that mortgage professionals SHOULD ask of the lead gen partner: GUARANTEED ROI!

It’s All About ROI

There are a lot of fancy features and promises that lead providers can refer to when talking about the leads they’re selling. But, when it comes down to it, what does a mortgage professional not just want but NEED from their lead purchase?

They need ROI.

If you don’t get enough return on investment to make purchasing leads profitable for your business, you are actively hurting that business instead of growing and nurturing it.

Our Mortgage Leads Direct review boils down to this: they want you to focus on bells and whistles like “cherry picking,” but they do nothing to guarantee your investment in mortgage leads.

Just look at what they say in their usage agreement.

It clearly states that they “make no guarantee or warranty as to the quality or content of the leads or the success of the client using the leads.”

How Does Elevated Perspective Compare?

At EPM, we are making our name in the industry by pioneering the guaranteed mortgage lead.

Our leads do come with all the bells and whistles (exclusive leads, live transfer, live CRM update, triple verified, custom scripts, free ongoing sales training, and much more), but more importantly they are backed by an ironclad guarantee.
We guarantee results or you get your money back.

So, if what you’re really interested in is growing your business instead of just having some fancy features without any guarantee, you need to come to Elevated Perspective Marketing for mortgage leads.

Call us 877-959-8044 at or fill out the online form to get started on a guaranteed lead stream right away!