Maybe your internal lead generation hasn’t been strong enough in 2018 to help you keep pace with ambitious business growth goals. Maybe you already had a bad experience with a lead gen provider that you don’t want to repeat. Whatever brought you here, you’re fed up with leads that don’t pay off.

Don’t worry. Elevated Perspective Marketing (one of the top mortgage leads companies in the world) is here to help you find mortgage leads that work!

No one is going to be able to give you an endless stream of leads that close 100% of the time. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re never going to find it. However, if you want to find the best possible lead gen partner and the best prospects to help you grow your business, you just need to focus on our 7 tips for finding mortgage leads that work.

Deciding to take the plunge and buy mortgage leads is a big step. Here’s our advice to brokers before they commit.

7 Criteria for Finding Mortgage Leads That Work For You:


One important thing to keep in mind when looking to purchase mortgage leads is that lead generation companies typically have minimum transaction rules. If you only have the budget to spend $200, you’re going to have to look harder to find a provider with a minimum set at $200 or below. Many companies require at least a $500 deposit to get started. If your budget isn’t there yet, purchasing leads may not be the best course of action at this time.

Lead Source

Ask your prospective lead provider how they capture prospects. You don’t want recycled or repackaged leads that have passed from one company to the next.

Telemarketing calls, direct mail, and TV ads are some of the sources for mortgage leads that work.


Quality is just as important, if not more so, than quantity. If you can buy 200 leads for only $200, there’s a good chance that they’re of very low quality. Why waste the precious time of your sales team with cold or unqualified leads. When we talk about quality, we’re ultimately talking about close ratio. Mortgage leads that work have a high close rate. Even though they’re more expensive than some of the junk leads you can buy from some companies out there, they’re absolutely worth it.

Ask your lead provider to give you an estimate of what your close rate will be with the prospects they send to you.


You can look low and high for mortgage lead companies, but you will be hard pressed to find any willing to offer you any kind of guarantees. When it comes to marketing and growing your business, you’re probably willing to take some risk in exchange for the potential to increase your monthly revenue. Unfortunately, there are some lead sellers out there that are willing to take advantage of your willingness to take a risk.

We’re one of the very few willing to lay down an iron-clad guarantee for mortgage brokers looking for leads. We offer a guaranteed close rate of at least 10% on the prospects we connect you with. You get results or you get your money back. It’s that simple.

If you’re looking at other lead generation options, ask yourself: do I need to take a risk? If something sounds too good to be true (really cheap leads that someone tells you will be really easy to sell to — but with no guarantees), it probably is.


Exclusive mortgage leads are generally some of the highest quality leads you can get. These leads are sold to you and you only, with now competition from other mortgage brokers. When you combine the advantage of exclusivity with the advantages of having highly verified prospects and live lead transfer capability, that’s where your quality (and your close rate) really start to soar.

Timely Delivery

Understanding how and when you will receive your leads is vital to estimating how much success you will have from purchasing mortgage prospects. Live transfer mortgage leads are proven to be the most effective method available.

With a live transfer, you can have a qualified prospect transferred directly and exclusively to your sales agent in real time. You get to talk to them right at the moment when they’re ready to act. There’s no chance for a competitor to swoop in or for them to go cold.

Better ROI Than Other Mortgage Marketing Channels

Mortgage marketing is all about ROI. Your budget should be funneled toward the strategies that help you earn the best return.

If you’re investing in search engine optimization or digital advertising strategies and they are generating leads at an excellent cost per lead, don’t start throwing your budget at purchasing leads unless you can get equal or better ROI that way. Likewise, if you find a mortgage lead seller that can deliver qualified prospects you’re getting a solid close rate with, why siphon money away from that channel and put it into SEO or advertising strategies that can so often turn into a budgetary black hole?

What to Look For

Now you know what to look for in order to find mortgage leads that work. To recap:

A lead generation company that…

  • works with your budget
  • has a legitimate source of leads
  • provides quality as well as quantity
  • gives you exclusive access to leads
  • transfers eligible prospects to you in the most timely, effective manner possible

You should never settle for junk leads again.

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