Guaranteed Leads – Our Promise to You

Utilizing our proprietary system we provide you results or your money back guaranteed. Therefore, the bottom line is you make money or we lose money.

We are a full-service provider owned and operated by a mortgage sales expert offering your Loan Officers scripting, sales training, CRM, and exclusive prospects live on the phone interested. We guarantee the entire process.

We not only source the interested prospect. We complete a stringent process on every call having them not only speak to the telemarketer but also speak to a call center manager on every call. This ensures that the prospect absolutely meets your customizable criteria and is truly interested in speaking with you Loan Officer or your money back guaranteed.

We even go through the extensive process of providing sales expert scripting that has been truly fine-tuned for maximum results and training of each of your Loan Officers on this sales model. Then we do a manager/owner approved optional conference call bringing all of our partners together weekly to discuss what is and what is not working in order to constantly improve conversions. We can even provide an add on feature where the prospect already has their mortgage documents ready for you at the time of call providing the industry’s highest converting mortgage lead.

Only Buy Guaranteed Leads

When banks compete the prospect wins, when EPM does your marketing the Loan Officer wins. Stop calling internet applications to compete with other banks making the same calls to the same prospects, stop cold calling finding the needle in a haystack, stop having your phone ring with unqualified/uninterested live transfers, stop door knocking and mailing to receive irate/uninterested calls, and start saving yourself time, energy, and money by utilizing the Elevated Perspective System engineered by one of the top Loan Officers nationwide.

In order to work smarter instead of harder maximizing closings we provide:

  • Full scripting and sales training using a proven method resulting in the highest industry conversions guaranteed (clients reporting 1 in 4 sold)
  • Guarantee that when using our scripting with 100 calls you will sell at very minimum 1 in every 10 calls or your money back
  • Prospects who meet your rate, loan amount, product, and credit filters who are truly interested in speaking with you
  • Replacement of any leads that do not meet your filters no matter if it’s sold or not
  • A CRM to track all calls

What you provide:

  • At least one Loan Officer to take calls for 6+ hours daily in 5+ states
  • A one hour window to train on script before starting program
  • Availability to join our weekly sales call for top performance
  • An email or CRM to send an additional copy in real time of all lead information
  • One telephone number that rings to all Loan Officers
  • Filters and stats that provide your company the highest conversion (we can help you tailor these for maximum effectiveness)

At Elevated Perspectives Marketing, our word is our promise. We stand behind our guaranteed leads 100% because our system works!

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