If you’re considering purchasing auto insurance leads for the first time, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Business might be a little slower than you expected, and that alone could have you feeling the heat.

Throw in the potential confusion that comes with researching how to buy leads on the internet and you may not be in the most calm and confident state. That’s where you need to be to make good decisions for your car insurance agency. Luckily for you, we’re here to demystify the process of purchasing auto insurance leads so you can regain confidence and choose wisely.

The good news is that countless insurance agents have already blazed the trail you’re thinking about going down. There’s a lot to learn from their experience.

There is incredible potential with automobile insurance leads. However, as with almost any business venture, there also is risk. By following the 10 do’s and don’ts below, we’re sure that you can have a successful and rewarding experience as an auto insurance leads buyer.

Purchasing Auto Insurance Leads — Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s start with the five things you should do.


Do… look for auto insurance leads with live transfer features. What’s live transfer mean? It’s when a lead generation company or lead seller has the capability of sending qualified leads directly to your sales team in real time. The transfer could be via conference call or through a real-time upload to your CRM.

Do… look for exclusive auto insurance leads for agents. Too many first-time buyers get burned by lead sellers trying to recycle the same cold leads that they sold to five other agents. You need to demand fresh, exclusive leads that will be speaking to your sales team first.

Do… read auto insurance leads reviews and testimonials. A little social proof can go a long way to giving you peace of mind and helping you weed out the shady sellers.

Do… look for guaranteed leads. This is a big one. It’s a pretty big deal if a lead generation company is willing to slap a money-back guarantee on the leads they sell you. That’s even more valuable peace of mind than reading some positive reviews from other customers.

Do… understand the budget you’ll need to buy leads. Most lead providers have a minimum amount that they will sell you. If times are tight and you only have less than $400 to put toward lead generation, you might have to spend it elsewhere.


There’s also plenty that you need to watch out for and avoid when becoming a car insurance leads buyer for the first time.

Don’t… think free auto insurance leads will help you turn things around. Most of the lead generation tactics referred to as “free” are anything but. Prospecting on social media or bringing visitors to your website through organic search results takes a huge time investment. Time = money.

Don’t… blindly go with the first lead gen company you talk to. Don’t settle until you find somebody that can offer you all of the features mentioned above: exclusive, live transfer, guaranteed leads.

Don’t… work with a seller that isn’t proactive about finding out about your ideal lead qualification criteria.

Don’t… purchase leads unless YOU know what your ideal lead is and how prospects should be verified.

Don’t… wait too long. If business is slow, you need to be decisive to change course. Sitting back while the money you can put toward fresh lead generation continues to dwindle will only limit your options.

Purchasing Auto Insurance Leads Just Got Safer and Easier

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