Live Lead Transfers – Mortgage, Refinance, Auto Insurance, Tax Settlement & More

Exclusive, high conversion live lead transfers for any vertical.

Elevated Perspective Marketing is proud to provide our clients with exclusive, quality, warm live lead transfers that consistently generate closing rates that no one else in the industry can beat.

Our call center is based in America and staffed with trained telesales agents that are native English speakers and often multi-lingual. These experienced telemarketers maintain a massive volume of outbound calls to find more and more targeted prospects ready to become your customer!

Live Lead Transfers

We pride ourselves in delivering a steady stream of highly qualified leads directly to our clients. We’ll get your target customers on the phone and hand them off to your best sales closers.

Our agents are expertly trained to find eligible, motivated customers that match your specific lead qualification criteria. In any industry and any target market, exclusive live lead transfers give you the opportunity to speak directly to your ideal prospects without having to compete with other companies.

Research shows 78% of all sales are closed by the first company to speak to a prospect. With our leads, you always have the competitive advantage of being first and exclusive.

If live lead transfers aren’t the ideal way for you to receive inbound leads, we can connect customers to you through email confirmation, a real time upload to a CRM, or whatever method best suits your needs.

live lead transfers

Here’s how it works:


Lead Targeting

Lead targeting is customized to your specifications.


Qualified Prospects

Qualified prospects matching your criteria are called from confirmed, exclusive internet applications.


Double Verified

Prospects are double verified over the phone according to your defined specifications by our telemarketer, then by the call center manager. Only after the manager reviews the prospects information a fourth time to confirm their eligibility and interest are they teleconferenced exclusively over to your sales team.

Verticals We Serve

Elevated Perspective Marketing services can be customized to the business goals of any organization in any vertical, but we specialize in serving the needs of a few industries where live lead transfers have proven to be highly effective.

We specialize in designing customized quality lead programs to fit your every need. Have a specific marketing campaign or business need? Let us know today and we can have your phone ringing with exclusive, quality, direct transfer, warm leads within 36 hours no matter what the nature of your business is.

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