Cash Out Mortgage Refinance Leads – Lead Generation, Verification, and Transfer

The lead generation, verification, and live transfer experts at Elevate Perspective Marketing are ready to start sending you warm cash out mortgage refinance leads right away!


Why Elevated Perspective Marketing?

With the 25 years of knowledge and experience our staff has in the mortgage-finance industry, you can be sure that Elevated Perspective Marketing is here to help your loan officers focus on what’s really important: speaking directly to warm, exclusive cash-out mortgage refinance leads and closing more loans.

Rather than wasting the valuable time of your sales team with cold calls and hit-or-miss lead development, partner with us on a reliable lead generation solution that keeps your closers busy closing loans and growing your business.

Cash Out Mortgage Refinance Leads are Growing. Is Your Business?

With the cost of living rising quickly, many people in the U.S. are turning to the cash-out mortgage refinance as a financial solution. Turning home equity into cash can be a quick fix for money-strapped homeowners looking to pay for home improvements, pay off credit card debt, pay for college tuition for kids, or any number of overwhelming expenses.

At Elevated Perspective Marketing, our expertise is helping lenders like you capitalize on the growing number of cash-out mortgage refinance leads by closing more loans. We will provide your business with a steady stream of eligible and verified prospects.

As many lenders have realized, just because demand is high doesn’t necessarily make closing sales an easy task. It’s easy for a sales team to get bogged down by chasing cold or poorly qualified leads instead of being able to focus on what matters most: closing loans.

We have a solution that ensures all of the cash-out mortgage refinance leads your sales team talks to are highly qualified, ready to take action, and ready to deal exclusively with you.

Exclusive Cash Out Mortgage Refinance Leads

In such a highly competitive industry, lenders often struggle to market their services directly and exclusively to warm, verified prospects. This is why so many lenders turn to us for their cash out mortgage refinance lead generation. We only send our partners 100 percent exclusive leads that match their exact specifications.

We also specialize in the highest converting leads in the industry: live transfers.

mortgage refinance leads

Live Transfer Cash Out Mortgage Refinance Leads

Here’s how it works:

  • Custom lead targeting tailored to your specifications
  • Qualified prospects are called from confirmed, exclusive internet applications
  • Prospects are verified on the phone for all of your criteria specifications by our highly trained telemarketer, then by our manager, then conferenced exclusively over to your sales team when the manager reviews all information with the prospect and the sales agent a fourth time to confirm eligibility and interest.

If you don’t think the live transfer process is the best fit for you, there are other options. We can upload lead information in real-time to a CRM or we can provide you with email confirmation. We’ll work with you to find the most effective method.

Tap Into the Best Lead Source

Cash out mortgage refinance leads are booming. Are you taking advantage?

If you want to close more loans, increase revenue, and keep your sales team motivated with a consistent stream of fresh, warm cash out mortgage refinance leads, it’s time to talk to Elevated Perspective Marketing.

Please contact us to learn more about our expertise in lead generation, verification, and helping lenders hone their sales process.

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