With the government cracking down on citizens with tax issues at a record rate, you’d think this would be a golden era for tax resolution firms across America. No doubt some practices are thriving with a steady stream of tax resolution leads, but far more are struggling to keep up with their revenue goals.

With a constantly evolving set of regulations to follow, it’s easy for firms to lose focus on what matters most to the growth of their business. A steady stream of fresh, quality leads.

When they start to fall behind on financial goals, tax practices have a short list of solutions to solve the problem. One of the most popular options is to buy tax resolution leads from a lead generation company.

If you’re a little hesitant to jump into the deep end, you’re being smart. Before you invest potentially thousands of dollars, you need to fully understand the true advantages and disadvantages of buying leads.

Should You Buy Tax Resolution Leads?

The main problem that tax practices face is too much competition. Choosing the right lead generation company can provide a quick and sustainable solution to that challenge.

Elevated Perspective Marketing solves the competition issue by supplying you with a stream of 100 percent exclusive tax settlement leads. With an exclusive, live transfer lead, your company receives calls from pre-qualified prospects who are ready to act in that moment. They talk to your sales agents and only your sales agents. They’re not a recycled or repackaged lead that’s already talked to several other companies and knows nothing about you or your services.

There’s no risk of wasting the valuable time of your sales team with cold or unverified prospects. We ensure leads fully understand the tax debt services you offer and that they are in need of assistance to resolve an IRS tax problem.

If there’s a con, or disadvantage to buying leads, it’s that there are many missteps you can take. Not all leads are created equal. You need to select the right type if you’re going to use them to effectively grow your business.

What Type of Leads Produce the Best Results?

There are too many choices — and more importantly too many bad choices — when it comes to leads for sale. Leads vary in two important ways.

First, there’s the source. Leads can be generated from television ads, internet applications, radio ads, direct mail, or from telemarketing calls. Ultimately, you should judge the effectiveness of any leads by their closing rate, or the rate at which your sales agents are able to turn them into actual revenue. By this standard, there’s one source that has an advantage over the others.

When combined with the features of 100 percent exclusivity and live transfer calls, the telemarketing tax resolution lead is going to produce the highest closing rate for your business.

Our telemarketing sales agents are trained on your custom sales script and your specific prospect criteria. After qualifying them through a three step process that ensures their eligibility and interest, they are transferred in real time via a conference call, a live update to your CRM or an email. It’s the fastest and most reliable way to generate the highest quality lead.

You’ll Need More Than Just Quality Tax Resolution Leads

If you truly want to take your tax practice to the next level, a steady stream of leads is only one part of the equation. There are a couple of resources that can be valuable to tax firms interested in maximizing their growth:

The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers — they are the only non-profit organization providing IRS & NASBA-approved education for professionals in the tax resolution field.

Accounting Web’s article on the 3 M’s of tax practice growth.

Your No. 1 Resource

As the premier provider of exclusive, live transfer, telemarketer tax resolution leads, and the highest closing rate leads in the industry, Elevated Perspective Marketing is a valuable partner for firms like yours.

We offer some powerful reassurances for your investment, including our money back guarantee. Our proprietary lead generation, qualification, and transfer system will produce results for your business or you will get your money back.


If you want to work with a lead generation company prepared to guarantee results, call Elevated Perspective Marketing today.